Good year 2020, 

We live in exciting times! Dancing for the Endtime Harvest has been commissioned to pay attention to the biblical view of the end-times and to inform you. We are watching The Bible unfold right before our very eyes. We are in a season of acceleration. We are in a serious hour. There are increased extremes on the horizon. The extremes are on both ends of the spectrum. The one end of the extreme is gruesome darkness or as prophet Isaiah calls it ‘deep darkness’ and the other extreme is the power of God’s glorious church. 

There is not much that can be done about the deep darkness that is and must unfolding. We must be wise to know that God Himself has prophesied of this hour in history. What we are able to do something about, however, is the other extreme; the glorious power of God that is availed to us during this hour.  Prophet Daniel talked about a generation that will do exploits. I believe we live in that generation. That generation is the generation of the 2nd coming of our Lord as a bridegroom.

 It is exciting to know that oil is availed to us for the fire in our lamps now.  We must have plenty of oil that we may see. We must have enough oil for the fire. That fire will cause us to do exploits.  Without the fire of God our hearts will fail us. Your response to the times will depend on your knowledge and what truth you embrace.

 A few things that Jesus prophesied was that man’s hearts will fail them because of the intensity. He also prophesied a global fall away because of that fear and offence and compromise.

Let’s be informed.

Daniel 11:33 tells us those that know this information will teach many.  I invite you to our FB Go Live on Thursdays and Saturday mornings. 

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Our next blog: 10 Reasons why understanding the endtimes is crucially important!

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