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A few definitions of strength as found at merriam-webster.com are the capacity for exertion or endurance, the power to resist force/ attack and the degree of potency/ concentration. Last Tuesday on the Blog talk Radio episode I shared the scripture from 2nd Kings 19:3 where King Hezekiah spoke of the lack of strength. Later we can read in verse 15-19 where he spread the “news of destruction” before God in prayer and gleaned his strength back. 

Today I want to speak to you Dancer who is lacking the capacity for exertion or endurance; do you feel weary or intimidated by what you see/ experience right now? Is your degree of concentration slipping because of the physical attack on your health? Your power to resist the force or attack in your finances waning? Last week here on the dancers devotions we discussed “The Dancer’s Diet” and how we will be strengthened by a steady diet consisting of God’s word. I sense it is necessary to stay here longer because I am receiving quite a few calls, Facebook messages and comments from dancers who need to be strengthened. I want to encourage you Dancer to not despise your testimony (Rev. 12:1)! Do not get intimidated by what you see (2 Cor. 5:7)! 

God cares for you and what is causing you stress. worry or anxiety. He says to spread it before Him in prayer (1st Peter 5:7)! Have you written it out and brought it to Him? The word of God is on top of your situation! Study His word and suffocate your situation with His word, His promises to you! You can send me your prayer request and I will join you in speaking God’s word for the battle is the Lord’s! Amen!

May your life be filled with laughter and dance,
Rev. Lucie Poirier

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